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Cafés Richard's Cafés Florio Espresso Cup
INDIVIDUAL Florio Espresso Cup (ONE CUP)
Our Price: $4.99

Florio Espresso Cup ( Sold Separately )

Individual Perle Noire espresso cup & saucer
Perle Noire Espresso Cup/Saucer INDIVIDUAL Set of 1
Our Price: $9.10

The Perle Noire Cups ~ Individual espresso cup & saucer set.

(8CL or 2.82OZ)
The Petale Cup ~ Cappuccino Cup & Saucer set of one
The 'Petale' Cups ~ Cappuccino Cup/Saucer INDIVIIDUAL set of 1
Our Price: $11.00

For those of you who wish to purchase this famous cup individually. Order now while supplies last!! This style of coffee mug has been discontinued, Limited quantities left.

"Coffee"  Etched on the glass in several different languages.
~  Complimentary Gift Wrap Available ~
The Etched Glasses ~ Espresso Glass & Metal Saucer (6pack)
Our Price: $25.00

GLASSWARE - Coffee Essentials: For a beautifully presented Espresso, Coffee Cocktail or even a Tea... A full range of Cafes Richard glasses. Thanks to their transparency, make an eye-catching and trendy presentation for your drinks... These glasses have been designed for serving espressos, teas, or "Cafes Cocktails" This Coffee glass has the word COFFEE etched on it in all different languages with metal saucer that has CAFES RICHARD engraved in the metal saucer....Tres Chic! French Touch..French Taste!!! *Ceramic dessert style plate/saucer available for purchase too...sold separately..please inquire *Also see our Tea Glass, Cocktail glass, and "Petale" cups with matching saucer.

8cl or 2.82oz.
'The Slim Cups' Espresso Cup/Saucer set
The NEW!! Cafés Richard "Slim Cups" - Espresso Cup/Saucer Set of 6
Our Price: $36.00

Espresso Cups and Saucers 6/case

White on White with RICHARD down the side of mug, and and on the saucer
The Colored Espresso Cups & Saucers Set of 4 
~  Complimentary Gift Wrap Available  ~
* Limited Edition * 'The Colored Cups' Espresso Cup & Saucer Set of 4
Our Price: $40.99

Cafes Richard's Colored Espresso Cups and Saucers.  Each cup/saucer is a different color, Red, Blue Green, and Yellow, and has
Limited Edition, and limited stock

"CAFES RICHARD" inside the cup

4 pack
Florio Espresso Cups by Cafes Richard (12 pack) SAUCERS NOT INCLUDED
Florio Espresso Cups 12 Pack
Our Price: $49.00

Florio Espresso Cups 12 Pack


Color: Black (8cl or 2.82oz)

The Florio Cups ~ Espresso Cup/Saucer Set of 6
Florio Espresso Cup & Saucer Set of 6
Our Price: $49.99

Florio Espresso Cups and Saucers 6 Pack

Color: Black with white interior as shown, and the Florio Logo on the Cup (8CL or 2.82OZ.)

Perle Noire Espresso Cup/Saucer Set of 6
~ Complimentary Gift Wrap Available ~
Perle Noire Espresso Cups/Saucers Set of 6
Our Price: $52.99

From the coffee to the cup....  A range of attractive and resistant porcelain cups....Different sizes for all of your hot beverages.
Espresso Cups
Tea Cups
Chocolate Cups

Perle Noire Cups:
6 Espresso Cups ( Cup with Saucer )

Discover also....  Disposable Cups, Cafes richard "Petale" Cups, and Coffee glass with metal saucer
The Slim Cappuccino Cup/Saucer set
The NEW!! Cafés Richard "Slim Cups" -Cappuccino Cups/Saucers Set of 6
Our Price: $60.00

The Slim Cups

Cappuccino 'Slim' Cups & Saucers.  White on White. RICHARD down the side of mug, and on saucer.
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